Winter vs. spring: What’s changed?

So spring is finally here, and with the change of season comes many other changes. Whether it be changes in your child, your life or yourself, change is inevitable throughout the year. Here at Mummykind, we have also experienced it!


  • Evie potty trained day and night not even within a week of eachother!
  • I’ve got a new job that finally fits around childcare and my family!
  • Evie has started to show off everything she’s learnt at nursery since January.
  • I’ve also started to learn to drive!
  • The language Evie has been using has developed so much and her memory for songs and stories continues to amaze me every single day.


  • Jamie went to Afghanistan and now it’s me and Olivia all by ourselves!!!!! (It terrifies me)
  • Olivia has started potty training and is doing really well at telling me when she needs to go… but she also stands up and shouts “I did it!” even when she hasn’t!
  • Olivia learned a bunch of new French words and has started saying proper sentences, too.
  • We have a pretty good bedtime routine going on.
  • I’ve started cooking and baking more often like I used to.
  • Olivia has a new found love of splashing in, well, everything – be it puddles, the paddling pool, or the bath!

  • I split up with my son’s father and began my new life as a single mother
  • I was diagnosed with BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder) and finally got the help I have needed for a long time
  • Oliver has started walking and has become incredibly aware of his surroundings
  • I have started setting myself goals and ambitions
  • Oliver had his first parents’ evening at nursery and I discovered he is the class clown!
  • I have learned that I have truly incredible friends who support me in my time of need and Oliver has amazing godparents who are always there for him.
  • I’ve also learnt that Oliver looks exactly like I did as a toddler

  • I finally admitted to myself and my doctors that I need some extra help for my anxiety, which has been a positive step.
  • We did our first holiday abroad to France!
  • Imogen continues to learn new words every day and amazes us!
  • She is beginning to form opinions on things, so she is telling us exactly what she wants, and doesn’t want!
  • She is also getting really good at picking up on people’s different emotions and she shows a lot of care and concern for people who are sad, hurt or unwell. She says “oh dear” and tries to comfort people, which is really heart-warming and sweet, but not so much when it’s a stranger like the man who was laying down reading a book in the park the other day! We’re extremely proud of her.

  • My little man has had a crazy growth spurt and suddenly started talking (and lying). I’m so pleased because I was concerned about his progress with speech and now he seems to be doing just fine… even if he is running rings around me.
  • I have lost a shed load of weight through careful diet and increased physical activity and I am back into my pre-baby jeans. I feel better for it, especially my ankles!
  • Potty training has taken a back seat, it’s not worth the stress it was causing me or my son, we have decided to revisit it when his communication is more consistent.
  • My cloth nappy library has become incredibly busy after a quiet spell over the winter and with all the sunshine lately it couldn’t have come at a better time. Nothing is more satisfying than a washing line full of nappies.
  • Mummykind’s pageviews went over 200,000 in a blink!
  • We hit 200 followers on instagram!
  • We started our own Tailwind tribe, please join in!
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13 thoughts on “Winter vs. spring: What’s changed?

  1. Yes that would be a great idea! My husband is serving abroad for 4 months and I can't believe how different our little girl is in just the one month he's already been gone. She will no doubt have changed even more by the time he gets back!


  2. It is amazing how my channel happens over a short space of time. I am pleased your getting some help for your anxiety. I suffer from anxiety and know how it can really impact on your day to day life X #pocolo


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