Date Night at Home…

Raise your hand if you can remember the last time you and your significant other had a date night?! Nope, me neither!

Never fear! Chrissy is on hand with her tips to get your date nights back on track in collaboration with Real Soy Candles

Creating the Ultimate At-Home Date Night

In the UK, the average parent gets only 48 minutes of free time each day, as reported by the Mirror. The same report revealed that mums and dads usually get to start unwinding at around 8:53 pm each evening. Despite the time constraints, scheduling regular date nights with your significant other is of top importance. It is common knowledge that taking time for yourself and for your partner is essential for the health of your relationship. Without regularly fostering your connection with each other, it is almost impossible for parents to have healthy communication and bonding. But with so little time, how can mums and dads keep the flame alive? Learn more about the top strategies for creating the ultimate at-home date night.

Set aside a specific evening for your date night

Before planning the details of your next at-home date night, it is an absolute necessity to commit a specific date and time to your partner. Why? If you don’t set aside a particular time for your date night, you are more likely to cancel it. Remove all barriers that could prevent you from having your at-home date night, such as last-minute work and appointments. If necessary, leave work an hour or two early, hire a babysitter for the night, and complete housework in the days before your date night. If your plans are tentative, you are much more likely not to take your evening of romance seriously.  

Take your dining experience to the next level

Think that the only quality dining is available outside of your home? Think again! Whether you are a skilled chef, or even if you can only cook the basics, there are numerous ways to serve a 5-star dinner. If you enjoy cooking, prepare a meal of your favourite and your partner’s favourite foods. Plan multiple courses, and research the best recipes for each food online. Since you are not purchasing an expensive dinner out, give yourself permission to splurge on quality ingredients. Alternatively, if you do not know how to cook, there are other creative options you can utilise. Depending on your budget, you can hire a private chef, order a step-by-step subscription box meal, or get takeaway from a favorite restaurant. In addition to putting effort into your cuisine, make your environment as romantic as possible. For instance, choosing cozy and fragrant candles can completely change the ambiance of any room. Not only can the scent and low lighting help improve the mood, but a long-lasting candle can be re-used for multiple at-home date nights.

Get creative with your activities

Rather than planning a simple evening in, get creative with the activities that you plan. Want to watch a movie with your partner? Skip the family room television for a more unique set up. Use a projector and outdoor screen to watch the movie under the stars. Did you have a particularly memorable first date? Challenge yourself to recreate the events of that date as much as possible at home. No matter what you choose, plan activities that are meaningful to you both. Since date nights are few and far between for parents, make the most of your time together.

Having an incredible date night with your significant other doesn’t require hundreds of pounds and a special location. Instead, your home can be the perfect place for a convenient, yet romantic evening together.

Do you have any other tips for date nights at home? How have you managed to plan a romantic evening for your partner ?

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