Mummykind’s August Top 5

If July went fast then August was a blur! Where is the year going?! You may have noticed that we have posted a little less than usual this month. With the kids home from nursery and a couple of us dealing with pregnancy in the heatwave we have been all been a little caught up. As Summer breezes into Autumn we will be back to business, bringing you loads of exciting content!

Top 5 things we did

1. Maria gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 10 days after her estimated due date. Welcome to the team little Miss Martin!

2. Sarah has, after years of hard work and long days, been offered a pupilage position as part of her journey to becoming a barrister. Well done Sarah, you deserve it!

3. Harriet’s application for student finance was accepted and she has now applied to study psychology and counselling with The Open University. Good luck, Harriet!

4. Maria’s company – South East Reusables CIC – teamed up with a local church compassion project to deliver a school uniform exchange. The two events saw over 70 families kitted out with free school uniform for September.

5. Oliver had a lovely holiday in the Isle of Man watching the TT races with his grandparents and uncle. He had an absolute blast!

Top 5 blog posts

Top 5 Instagram posts

5 blog posts we loved

  1. Team Mills Blog – Reusable Nappies and Swimming
  2. Ellesbellesnotebook – Should Every Company Have a Mental Health First Aider?
  3. Emma Reed – Preparing Your Child for the Start of Reception Year
  4. Jolovesx – Needles, hormones and pessaries – part 1
  5. The Sustainable Student – Small Changes to Reduce Plastic

What have you been up to this month?

Maria Martin

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