Mummykind’s October Top 5

Another late one! Whoops! We are still here (I promise), but all dealing with our lives and their respective complications!

I’ll try and be on time for November’s post!

Top 5 Blog Posts

Top 5 Instagram Posts

Top 5 Things we did

  1. The new Mummykind babies celebrated their first Halloweens!
  2. Paige celebrated her 3rd wedding anniversary
  3. Florence and Harriet stayed at the zoo! Read her review here
  4. Sarah celebrated her 2nd wedding anniversary
  5. Harriet started her degree with the Open Uni! Good luck Harriet, we are all behind you and know you are going to smash this!

Top 5 Other Blogposts we LOVED

  1. Soldier’s Wife Crazy Life – The Independent Dependents
  2. Claire Justine – 17 Tasty Pumpkin Recipes
  3. Morgan’s Milieu – 9 Self Care Activities you can do in 10 Minutes
  4. Rainbows Are Too Beautiful – Autism is like a Courtesy Car
  5. Catholic Mom Journey – My NICU Story

I am well on my way to becoming a barrister, and hope that one day my little munchkin will follow in my footsteps! I'm also a wife to a Grenadier Guard dealing with army life, and I write letters to Olivia as well as writing for the amazing blog we run over at

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