My first smear test

Way back in March I got a letter inviting me for my first smear test because I was about to turn 25. I was pregnant at the time so had to find out if you can have a smear test during pregnancy. Turns out you can, but it’s best not to.

After going overdue and then waiting the recommended 6 weeks post partum it was late October before I booked my test and I was nervous. Not for the usual reasons, I’ve recently given birth with various medical professionals all up in my business. They have seen it all and I have had speculum exams and cervical sweeps galore. No, I was nervous because of my scarring.

TMI WARNING: When I gave birth the first time I had an episiotomy, it was stitched too far and left me with excess skin. When I gave birth the second time I ripped it. With a second degree tear. I was stitched up well, no extra stitches this time, no extra bit of skin. But now I have a mass of scar tissue that is tight and painful.

So I arrived at my appointment and explained this all to the nurse and she was lovely about it. She told me a similar thing happened to her and that she would naturally be gentle and swift and use plenty of lube.

The most awkward part really is the getting undressed bit. Both my kids are summer babies so all my late pregnancy speculum exams have been easy, I was wearing a dress! This time I had to try not to get tangled in my own skinny jeans. The rest is all pretty straightforward.

The nurse was quick and efficient, I let her know that it was painful around my scar tissue and she told me should could see it and understood why it was painful, she took the swab which wasn’t comfortable but it wasn’t painful either… and it was over in no time at all. The only real pain was because of an issue with my own body and not what the nurse was doing.

Incidentally, the nurse told me that it was likely that I would require reconstructive surgery if my scarring hadn’t softened after 6 months, so if you like a good TMI post then watch this space, I’ll tell you all about it!

The results for my test came back normal for anyone wondering. I am so thankful that I was able to have such an important test and relieved to have good results.

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Maria Martin

6 thoughts on “My first smear test

  1. I have been on yearly call back for my Sameer test as I had an inconclusive results, I have gone every time and now don’t need to have another one for 5 years#kcscols@_karendennis


  2. I have been on yearly call back for my Sameer test as I had an inconclusive results, I have gone every time and now don’t need to have another one for 5 years#kcscols@_karendennis


  3. I always go and so important to spread the message. I know it is uncomfortable however it can save lives X #kcacols


  4. Thanks for sharing. I hate smear tests, I find them invasive and painful – but they’re so important and I think it’s good for us all to talk about them too so we can get rid of any stigma. The statistics around smears and preventable cervical cancer is still shocking just because so many women are scared or embarrassed about them. #KCACOLS


  5. Ah well done and sounds like your nurse was lovely. I went a few months back and ended up losing my knickers! They’d got wedged inside my jeans! LOL !

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next time!


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