Hello to all of our readers, and thank you for coming back again and again, reading, liking and sharing our content!

How we started…

Amy actually concocted this idea one night, high on oramorph, in the middle of one of her endometriosis flare ups. I remember it very well… 5 of us had a WhatsApp group together (before we brought Charlie into this super mummy team), and Amy, very clearly out of it and speaking her mind – as all drunken people do – said;

“Guys, we all blog right?”

Not entirely accurate – at that point, only Harriet, Amy and I were into the blogging scene on our personal blogs (look over on our Meet Mummykind page). Then she said;

“What if we made one big super blog, all of us contributing to it?”

I’m pretty sure she fell asleep shortly after that, but the rest of us thought it was a great idea. So a week or so later we FaceTimed to hash out the details, except instead we basically had a mother’s meeting about nothing in particular.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, we came up with our name, tagline and the launch date for our blog. Somewhere in the mix we also asked Charlie to join us, as an experienced mummy blogger and a great addition to our little team!

What we aim to do…

Before we even launched the blog, all of us were passionate about using the blog to increase mental health awareness, and this is where our Raising Healthy Minds campaign and our #MentalHealthMonday posts come into it!

We aim to increase awareness and support of mental health generally and specific issues relating to parents, so that, one day, our children will have the tools to equip themselves with in case they, too, find themselves suffering.

We aim to end the stigma and open up a dialogue for people to express concerns and talk openly about their experiences.

We aim to point people to other organisations providing help and support and to increase the amount of support that can be given across the country for mental health related issues.

We aim to work with and promote mental health charities so that they can help more people and so that nobody feels like they’re stuck in a vicious cycle with nowhere to turn.

Of course, that’s not all of it. But that’s the serious part. We also aim to share honest, truthful experiences of parenting – all of the highs and lows so that you know what to expect!

If that sounds like something you want to get involved with, drop us an email or contact us on social media to help us achieve our goals! If you want to support us, please continue reading, liking and sharing our content and thank you all so much for all you’ve done so far!

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