(MEN)tal Health.

Mate, you just need to man up! As I am sure most of you know, mental illness will affect 1 in 4 of us in our life times… That is a pretty scary statistic. What is even more scary? Women are twice as likely to receive help for mental health issues and illnesses than men… […]

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Are antenatal classes worth it?

Tweet to @mummykindoff When I was pregnant with Olivia, like many other mums, I looked into antenatal  classes to help us both prepare for the birth of our baby. After doing some research, we signed up to our local NCT class, mainly because locally there weren’t many other options, but also because the reviews of […]

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How (and why) to get rid of the dummy

My daughter is 15 months old, and has used a dummy for the majority of her little life. Recently, my husband and I decided enough was enough. The dummy had to go! Here’s why. This is my little one at bed time. What you can’t see from this photo is that she was late to […]

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