8 lessons I won’t be teaching my daughter

Mothers of daughters have a tough job, and a much tougher responsibility. As a feminist myself, I will of course raise my daughter the same way, meaning I will not subscribe to some of the more traditional parenting ideologies and styles. I want my daughter to be fearless and strong, and emotional and kind, all […]

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Mummykind’s July Top 5

Tweet to @mummykindoff Wow, just typing July feels weird! And now we’re at the end of it and swinging straight into AUGUST!!! Here’s what we’ve been up to this month… Top 5 Blog Posts Top 5 Instagram Posts Top 5 Things we did We launched our Wonderful Women Wednesday feature! Our interview with the BBC […]

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How to survive sleep deprivation as a parent

Ahh sleep deprivation! Something all parents know far too well. My first experience was in pregnancy, especially during my last trimester. I was SO uncomfortable, with a mixture of heartburn and restless leg syndrome making it almost impossible to get sleep, not to mention it taking hours just to get comfortable. Of course I still […]

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