Round up

Mummykind’s December (and 2019) Top 5

Tweet to @mummykindoff Here it is! The final one of 2019! So as well as just a roundup for this month, we’ve done a roundup for the whole year. Top 5 Blog Posts in December Top 9 Blog Posts in 2019 Planning a Moana themed party Getting your toddler through a cold Collecting colostrum during […]

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Decluttering Christmas

For the first time ever I’m doing away with the polite “oh, you don’t have to get us anything” because that doesn’t actually mean anything. We have a fairly definitive list of things we would like across varying budgets and we are letting people know. It’s mostly stuff that we need, things that will make our lives that much easier.

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Traditional Boozy Make and Mature Christmas Cake

Share Tweet to @mummykindoff Let me start by saying this: if you don’t want your Christmas cake to pack a serious boozy punch then this is not the cake for you. This is for grown ups only. You may also be wondering why I’m talking Christmas cake so early… well, the clue is in the […]

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health, parenting

Is Santa Claus Damaging Children’s Mental Health?

Now we are drawing closer to the festive season I am seeing more and more early birds on social media with their Christmas shopping already sorted. They have stacks and stacks of toys for their children and are posing questions like “Is this enough for my ___ year old?” and “How much of this should be from Santa?”.  I think it’s amazing that people want their kids to have nice things, and I am pleased that they can afford to do that but honestly? It makes me a little uncomfortable. 

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