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How to Deal with the Stress of Raising Two Kids

Tweet to @mummykindoff A big thank you to Murris from for sharing this piece with us! We all know how stressful one child can be, and these tips for coping with two are great! Having a second child on the way can be amazing, but it can also be the most stressful time of your […]

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Bath boohoos to Bath wahoos!

Share Tweet to @mummykindoff We lived in a flat where we didn’t have access to a bath, only a shower. So my daughter was stuck in her baby bath, probably longer than we would have liked. When we moved, the big bath tub came as a huge shock for her, and she didn’t like it. […]

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Mental Health Monday: 5 ways to cope with stress!

Share Tweet to @mummykindoff Stress! The one thing we parents seem to have in abundance! Unfortunately, I haven’t yet discovered how to live a completely stress-free life, so instead, here are my top 5 tricks on how to cope with stress! 1. Copious amounts of tea Ever heard the saying that none of the world’s […]

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Coping with New Year Blues

Share Tweet to @mummykindoff ‘Happy’ New Year. January is a time that people make changes to their lives and make promises to themselves to be better, do better and feel better. It’s no surprise then that ‘happy’ new year can be anything but happy. The amount of pressure we put on ourselves only to slip […]

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