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10 Amazing Benefits of Babywearing

As International Babywearing Week draws to a close I thought I would be a good time to talk about the amazing benefits I’ve experienced as a babywearing parent. If you like the sound of any of this then you need to get yourself to your nearest sling library and take a look at the options available. Please ALWAYS make sure you follow the T.I.C.K.S guidelines shown at the bottom of the post. 

1. Settle that fussy baba

Week 1 of my son’s life was spent in hospital. The second week was a hellish nightmare of constant screaming. In the third week my babywearing journey began after a friend leant me her Close Caboo sling. I was finally able to settle my little guy and keep hold of him without getting dead arms.  Newborns need a huge amount of closeness; they aren’t designed to go long without human contact so popping them into a sling is a great way of keeping them close and content. I’d highly recommend a stretchy wrap for a newborn because it’s soft, warm and ergonomic for their scrunched up little bodies.

2. Hands-free cuddles 

Once your baby has settled you can do crazy things like attend to basic human functions or even stretch to a bit of housework. For several weeks the only way I could feed myself, use the loo or do any washing up was by having little man in the sling. 

3. No more pram-induced invisibility 

There is a crazy phenomenon that turns parents and their children invisible as soon as they touch a pushchair or pram. People just do not see you (I can’t be the only one who has experienced this?). The number of people who walk into me or straight towards my son’s pushchair is insane… I’m literally taking up twice the amount of space that other people take up, why can’t you see me?! With a sling you can dodge in and out of crowds pretty well without people constantly sideswiping your pushchair. It’s really convenient in busy places.

4. Babywearing off road!

Go for a walk in the woods. Climb steps. Paddle at the beach. The possibilities are endless because you can go anywhere your feet will take you. You can go anywhere lugging a massive bit of kit around, just a little baby wrapped close to your body. Perfect. 

5. Babywearing Sleepydust 

‘Sleepydust’ is a word that gets batted around the babywearing community a lot. It’s the magic that a sling has that just makes your kiddo fall asleep quickly and peacefully. Most slings have it and any child who is remotely tired will just conk out once they’re up. 

6. Get snuggly 

Babywearing is warm and comfy and most importantly it is an excellent way of bonding with your little one. That level of closeness helps keep you in tune with each other and is a great mood booster because cuddles = oxytocin.

7. No strollers allowed…

It’s not often this happens but there are some places that don’t let you take pushchairs or prams in with you. One place my family loves to visit is Sissinghurst Castle and Gardens (if you’re ever in Kent during the warmer months you have to go there!). They don’t let pushchairs in for conservation reasons. Although they do provide carriers at the ticket office, they are not the most ergonomic. The carriers they have for toddlers are framed and bulky. Having our own soft structured carrier there makes our trips so much easier. 

 8. Work it mama!

Okay, we need to talk about the obvious benefit of carrying around the extra weight of a baby… Think of all those calories burnt! If you’re looking to get a little leaner then this will help you along the way and if not just think about all the chocolate cake you can eat after a day out wearing your baby.

9. Sneaky bit of boob

If you’re breastfeeding then with a sling you can feed easily on the go and if you’re worried about discretion then you’ll love this – no one can see a thing! It’s great, I lost count of the number of times I’ve browsed shops with baby happily attached to the boob.

10. Community Spirit

Something I was not expecting when I got my first sling was the amazing community that comes along with it. Much like the cloth nappy community, the sling community is friendly, supportive and a great source of knowledge and experience. Join a Facebook group and get chatting to some likeminded parents.

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7 thoughts on “10 Amazing Benefits of Babywearing

  1. Mary Leigh

    These are all such good benefits! I plan to wear my second a lot more because of it allowing me to be hands free! It is so helpful! And nice to be able to snuggle and settle the baby!

  2. Jacqui Woods

    Neither of my girls likes baby wearing and I really wish they would have. Getting stuff done was a chore when they were little. I hope baby #3 takes to it better as I am sure I am going to need all hands on deck!

  3. Someonecallsmemummy

    All the best for baby number 3! Thank you for commenting 🙂 x

  4. Someonecallsmemummy

    If I ever have another I’m definitely investing in a baby carrier. I had a sling but it wasn’t very supportive and didnt get used very often!

  5. Times with Kai

    I've also written a post similar to this.Yep! I'm all for babywearing

  6. Someonecallsmemummy

    We’ll check it out! Thanks for commenting

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