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My D.I.Y. fun toddler games part 1

As you will see from my other blogs, I’m a big fan of ‘make do and mend’ and ‘do-it-yourself’ crafts, to save some pennies. I did buy my daughter some flashcards from an online shop, with a number of different pictures and words on, (which she really likes), but I thought I could make my own card games and I could add new words she is learning, as she learns them.
This card game is an animal game. My daughter knows some of them but I wanted to help her differentiate between them. Her favourite thing to do now that she’s hit 17 months is to point and say “what’s that?” So I thought this would be fun way of learning, and it’s been snowing, so I have no intention of wandering around a cold farm on a day like this!
If you like this idea and wanted to know how easy it was for me to do, I used:
  • A printer to print off 4 different pictures of each animal, which included cartoon pictures and photos.
  • Blank playing cards, these ones are available on this link:  what you could use instead of these, if you wanted to save even more pennies, is old playing cards.
  • Double sided tape
  • Scissors
For my version of the game I have 4 pictures of different cows, 4 of pigs, 4 of rabbits, 4 of cats, 4 of dogs and 4 of chickens. If/once she learns these words, I can add some other animals to the game.
How to play:
This game is simple and involves putting the cards down face up, mixed up. I ask my daughter if she can find the “pigs” or the “cows” etc and the game is to pick them out from all the different animals. Showing her that the same animal can look different, but be the same, depending on its colours or breeds. The game is also to help with word association and to encourage her to pay attention. You could also play this game with the cards turned over, so that your toddler has to find the animals. Another way of playing this game would be to have buckets with another picture of the animal on/ or the word, (if they are older), and asking for your child to sort them into the right buckets.
Hope you enjoy playing this card game with your little ones!
Have fun! 😊
I’ll be coming up with some other toddler games soon.

9 thoughts on “My D.I.Y. fun toddler games part 1

  1. Mrs Tubbs

    This looks such fun and a really simple game for toddlers to teach them pairing and whatever it is on the pictures you're using. Pinned for later

  2. Someonecallsmemummy

    Thank you! It’s definitely a great idea for rainy days in!


    Oh this is so brilliant! I was looking into animal flashcards since my little one has started learning animal noises, but this is brilliant!#TheListLinky

  4. Éva Katona

    I love this idea, and it's so easy to make them. Even for me, as I'm most definitely not a crafty person. #fabfridaypost

  5. Someonecallsmemummy

    Thank you! We hope you can find them as fun as Charlie does!

  6. Someonecallsmemummy

    Let us know how you get on with them!!

  7. Sarah Stockley

    Such a great and simple idea my middle daughter loves playing card games. #FabFridayPost

  8. Jenny Curtis

    What a lovely idea- didn't know you could get blank cards, will be stealing this! #FabFridayPost

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