Guilty Mummy Moments

Let’s face it, we all have those moments when we all just want 5 minutes of peace, or a snack to ourselves or even just a wee in peace! But how far will we really go to get this? We’ve asked on social media and have compiled our top 10 ‘Guilty Mummy Moments’

1. My girls hate onions. there was 1 muffin left. I told them it was a onion muffin so I could eat it all to myself.

2. I ate my son’s last curly wurly the other day and told him it had melted so I had to bin it.
3. I hide ben and jerry’s ice cream inside a frozen pea bag so I don’t have to share with kids!!
4. I put my daughter to bed and persuaded my husband that it had taken me 2hrs to settle her and that’s why he had to do all the housework by himself… infact id been sat in the hallway, whilst she was asleep (had taken 10mins to get her down) watching Netflix on my tablet just so I could have some peace.
5. My daughter is at nursery until 3.30pm each day… I will not pick her up any earlier than 3.29pm so I can enjoy the 30mins of peace after I’ve finished work… in this time I will have something to eat (so I don’t have to share) and go and sit on the loo for at least 10mins so I can have a wee in peace… I sometimes feel bad because she’s always the last one picked up but I need at least one pee a day to myself!
6. I hid a bag of liquorice behind the sofa cushions after my toddler saw and made a beeline for them… This mummy doesn’t share!
7. I tell my daughter that mummy has a poorly tummy just so I can sit on the toilet in peace and play games on my phone.
8. When I’ve had a day of no housework, I tell my partner that I’ve had a really tough day with my son so he doesn’t complain about me doing nothing and does it for me.
9. Every day, after my daughter has gone to nursery, I tell my partner I’m going to the gym but actually go to Costa for a hot cup of coffee and then just get changed into my gym clothes before I see him after nursery.This mumma needs some alone time too!
10. I tell my 3 year old that she has to be 4 sometimes to do things, or that if I’m eating something nice she would find it too spicy.
We’d love to know your best ‘Guilty Mummy Moments’, no matter how sneaky or cheeky they may be!!

11 thoughts on “Guilty Mummy Moments

  1. Alice V

    LOL, why do most of these center around food? There were times I tried to hide a treat from them but then I felt guilty and had to give them some too. Then when I changed my diet to Ketogenics and started making sugar-free desserts, they suddenly don't want to share with me anymore.

  2. Debbie Binnersley

    I have also used the 'it melted' excuse when I'd eaten the kids chocolate but unless the kids aren't at home I rarely get to have a wee in peace. #TheListLinky

  3. Sarah Barber

    Probably because we don't often get to eat anything without them taking a bite off our plates! 😛

  4. Sarah Barber

    My daughter has recently started watching me do a wee and then congratulating me when I finish, clapping her hands and saying well done mummy… As sweet as it is, I'd rather wee alone I think!

  5. Aimee Hyder

    My daughter always conveniently needs a wee at the same time as me, so she parks her potty next to the toilet and we were together! A wee in peace would be lovely though!

  6. Nicole - Tales from Mamaville

    These made me chuckle, laugh out loud, say \”Really?!\” but most of all it made me nod my head in agreement. We mums put too much mental pressure on ourselves and feel far too guilty too often… I do it too! But all the things mentioned in this post are ok, because we're human too and we just need a break sometimes. Parenting is a tough and exhausting job, despite being the best thing in the world. Thanks for sharing this with us at #itsok

  7. Marylin

    Haha I still use the \”it's spicy\” to deter the 12 yr old from wanting something of mine! 😉 Also said it was bedtime earlier when they couldn't tell the time because I'd had enough. And I always hide my chocolate… scavengers, the lot of em! 😉 #TheListLinky

  8. Sarah Barber

    Thank you Nicole! Glad it got you giggling!

  9. Sarah Barber

    Hahaha brilliant. My nephew has autism and he would clock watch for the time he went to bed, so his dad used to change the clocks to get him to bed earlier! Although he eventually clocked on and demanded to see the time everyone’s phones too lol

  10. Charlotte Bull

    These are great! I don't feel so bad now when I make an excuse. Yesterday I kicked the other half out of bed when he was having a lie in because our daughter was being a terror all morning. I sat in bed with a cuppa and the TV on and took my sweet time. It was lovely.

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