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CBT? Not for me! – #MentalHealthMonday

CBT, or Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, is a tool used to help patients struggling with depression and anxiety. When accessing mental health services through the UK’s NHS, patients will often be told to self refer to charities offering CBT. My Referral was through We Are With You.

What is CBT?

It is a talking therapy, designed to help patients change the way they think about the things overwhelming them. The idea being that, with some help, you will be able to break your problems down into more manageable chunks. A lot of people have had great success with CBT, training parts of their brain to react differently to situations. It is a viable and accessible option for many people, and worth looking into if you are struggling with any mental health concerns.

It’s just not for me

Engaging in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is not something I have ever been able to fully commit to – not for lack of trying. The last time tried I had weekly sessions to attend on Zoom. I had to fill out a questionnaire beforehand and we were always given… homework? CBT is a commitment, but I was in a pit of despair. I was barely functioning.

Each session left me feeling less hopeful than the last. By the end I had the sinking feeling of failure to add onto my heap of depression. It wasn’t until about a year later that I joined the dots and sought out a diagnosis for ADHD and Autism.

I have since discovered that this kind of talking therapy is often ineffective for neurodivergent people. In some cases, like mine, it can do more harm than good. The reason I couldn’t make it work for me is that I can’t just tell my brain to do something. Simply put, I couldn’t convince my brain it was happy.

Mentally, I am in a better place now, for the most part. I have a better understanding of my own struggles and I am slowly learning how to cope with them. One thing is for sure; I won’t be putting myself through CBT again!

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  1. Sarah Barber

    I’m so glad you found what works for you! CBT isn’t for everyone, I remember the ‘homework’ too!

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