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Plus Size Clothes for Curvy Mamas – What’s hot & what’s not

As a curvy mama, finding plus size clothing that I love has been a bit of a journey. There has been no shortage of trial and error on the road to self rediscovery. The good news is that I have done the trying so you don’t have to!

My New Plus Size Body

In the first few months after I had Flo I sort of accepted that my life as Harriet was over. “Accepting” this was my way of rationalising that it was okay to not give a damn about myself anymore. I had signed myself up for a life of over sized tops and leggings and I was more than okay with that.

A few months and a few mental health medications down the line, I was clearly in a better mind set. I accepted myself and made sure that I accepted my body. After all, it had grown a perfect little mini me, so I couldn’t have been that bad, right?

I slowly got back into who I was. I’ve always enjoyed expressing myself, I’d always loved being different.
Realising that there were markets catering for my new shape, identity, style and body really allowed me to get back to finding who I am.

Trawling through ASOS and favouriting items until I’m brave enough to buy them (or they go down in price!) has played a massive part in rediscovering ‘Harriet’-

I couldn’t tell you how many things I’ve tried on, with my mum whilst shouting “THIS WOULD HAVE LOOKED SO NICE ON ME BEFORE THIS” *points at stomach*….
or how many kooky items I’ve got for “jokes” that have looked gorgeous on me!
All I can say is thank goodness for free delivery and refunds!

Here are my favourite plus sized retailers for curvy mamas and why:


In my opinion ASOS is the biggest contender in the plus size game. Not only does ASOS have it’s own plus size range (ASOS CURVE) but it has plenty of other well known plus size ranges available on its app and website including but not limited to: New Look Curves, Maya Plus, Daisy Street, misguided, boohoo, Chi Chi, John Zack Plus, Levis Plus, River Island, Little Mistress, Unique21, ect. With a fantastic range, massive variety, frequent sales and a great customer rewards system – ASOS is by far my most frequented fashion retailer and app!

2. New Look Curves

I love that New Look uses the same fabrics and prints for all their women’s ranges. This means that regardless of a ladies size, they can wear what is on trend and feel comfortable rocking it. New Look’s clothing never fails to pull me in and I’m almost guaranteed to spend money every time I visit their website or store.

Tea Dress / New Look / size 22 / £20

3. Forever 21+

Despite what the name says, I’m certainly over the age of 21 but always manage to find lovely pieces on F21. Their ranges seem to be targeted for slightly younger audiences, but I never seem to be short of options in their sales! Their prices are generally fairly reasonable and despite their sizes not being conventional – 2x or 3x usually tend to fit me very well!

Cami Dress / Forever 21 / size 2X / £10

4. George

Unlike most supermarket brands, ASDA’s George caters up to a size 24. Their size 24 is usually pretty generous and always fitted me very well, even at my biggest (four stone heavier than I am now!)… They don’t differentiate styles between sizes meaning a size 24 lady can rock the same dress as a size 10 lady. Their clothes wash well, last well and look good.

Dungaree Dress & Top / ASDA’s George / size 20 / £20

5. Simply Be

Although fairly expensive, you can quite often find some pretty lovely pieces at Simply Be in sizes up to 32. Simply Be does well at catering for all sorts of ladies in all sorts of walks of life.

Retailers not Doing it for this Curvy Mama

With all those retailers doing right by curvy mamas there are some who have really missed the point. Here is my guidance on other well known plus sized retailers that aren’t doing it for me like my top 5 do!

1. Pink Clove

Pink Clove have the right idea. With on trend designs and patterns, they could have so much to offer. The quality of Pink Clove’s clothing is pretty poor- I got a tropical print dress that only took one wash to bobble and a dress that unraveled at one of the seams just from being tried on once. I’d generally recommend to avoid unless you have time to throw away fixing clothes that should really last longer.

Baseball Dress / Pink Clove / size 22 / £12

2. River Island

With amazing quality and fantastic pieces to get anybody asking “where did you get that?” I couldn’t recommend River Island enough. However, their plus size range is incredibly pricey and really quite limited.

Cardigan / River Island / size 26 / £40

3. Supermarkets like Tesco’s F&F and Sainsbury’s TU

Supermarkets are usually the perfect place to pick up a fashion bargain. With the same ranges available for both mainstream and plus size, they’re certainly a winner for me. Most stores, however, only cater up to size 18/20/22 which leaves many women feeling left out. Generally, their women’s range sizes come up a bit small and I’ve known plenty of ladies who have to get a size or two bigger than usual. That being said, I’ve heard Tesco’s F&F are planning on catering for up to size 30. If this is true, I hope all other supermarket fashion brands follow suite!

Top / Tesco’s F&F / size 22 / £7

4. Boohoo

Am I a size 18, or am I a size 28? With Boohoo I have literally no idea. With items almost identical to the smaller sized range, they have their heart in the right place. Unfortunately the quality between that range and their plus sized range shows that plus size ladies certainly aren’t their priority.

Velvet Wrap Dress / Boohoo / size 28 (still doesn’t cover my bum through!) / £20

5. Yours

Primark quality at Topshop prices all because you’re considered plus size? Yeah, jog on. Unless they’ve got a sale on I tend to avoid Yours. Even then, I only stick to the lingerie section. I have heard that their men’s plus size range – Bad Rhino is actually pretty promising.

I hope this reminds you that you’re allowed to have your own identity, even on this side of parenthood! Being dressed in what you want to wear can make a massive difference to how you feel and see yourself. Treat yourself and see that even the little things can go a long way in making you feel more human.


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  1. Unknown

    Thank you Harriet! I'm always searching for good quality plus size clothing and because I don't find it I've just stuck with my old clothes. Time for a shopping spree 😁 x

  2. Jayne SMABL

    Fab suggestions! ASOS have some really nice clothing. You look lovely in all of your outfits. Thanks so much for sharing with #MMBC. x

  3. Alyssa Hertzig

    You look amazing! I really love that outfit with the bright yellow cardigan.

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