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Perfect Weaning Recipes for Busy Mums

When you start to wean your baby, the last thing you want to do is prep separate meals for the whole family. The best kinds of meals are going to be ones that you can batch cook, and have plenty leftover to make up baby sized portions and that freeze easily! When I started weaning […]

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7 Top Tips for Shopping with Food Allergies

Share Tweet to @mummykindoff My son was 5 months old when we finally established that the reason for his slow weight gain, reflux, explosive nappies, wheezing and general discomfort was CMPA – Cows’ Milk Protein Allergy. As we were just about to¬† embark on weaning we had to learn to shop for allergies pretty quickly, […]

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Trying SimplyCook

Tweet to @mummykindoff Before I start, I should probably say, this isn’t sponsored by SimplyCook. I’m just a mumma who loves food and discounted/free thigs! As the main cook in my household, I hate dinner time, because I try and make something new but always end up going back to the same old meals we […]

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Vegan/Veggie curry recipe

Share Tweet to @mummykindoff As a mummy who was given a huge kick up the bum by her partner to finally go vegan as I’ve been threatening for years, I thought I would share my favourite vegan recipe for any other undecided people out there. This one is fab, because you can get so many […]

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