Mental Health Monday: Coping with a relapse…

Share Tweet to @mummykindoff It’s not always plain sailing… Our mental health, much like our physical health, can be up and down. You can be fine one week, and  find yourself in a bottomless pit the next. Whether you’ve largely recovered or you’re gradually on the road to recovery, it’s important to remember that relapses […]

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Mental Health Monday: Why I let my daughter see me cry…

Share Tweet to @mummykindoff Olivia has just turned 2, and she’s already so receptive to other people’s emotions. She has been from a very young age. If she sees or hears a baby crying, she goes over to them and tries to comfort them in her own adorable way. She understands that certain things make […]

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What baby loss means to us

Share Tweet to @mummykindoff So this week is baby loss awareness week, and here at Mummykind we wanted to make sure we marked this week properly and respectfully. Whether lost during pregnancy, during or after birth, the loss of a baby is one of the worst things anyone can go through with the most painful […]

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