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When I felt like “mum”

It took me a while,

I’ll be the first to admit,

But when I saw your smile,

I knew I’d remember it.

Not the way your one cheek dimpled,

Not the way your smiling eyes sparkled,

Not the way the sides of your gummy mouth tilted upwards…

I mean, the way I finally felt like mum.

I felt like mum while I pushed with all my might.

I felt like mum on all of those sleepless nights.

I felt like mum the first time I held you close.

I felt like mum even when I felt gross.

I felt like mum despite not having a shower or a cleanse.

I felt like mum when I saw you through the sonographer’s lens.

I felt like mum when I felt the first kick.

I felt like mum every morning while I was sick…

I feel like mum, and I remember it

I remember it when you cry,

I remember it when I cry,

I remember it when we play and when we’re too tired to play.

I remember it at morning, noon and night,

I remember it when you love me and when we’ve had a fight.

I love being mum and everything it means,

You’ll remember how much I love you – the greatest love you’ve ever seen.

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