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Oliiki App – Testing and Review

What is Oliiki?

The Oliiki app is designed to aid your baby’s brain development from early pregnancy through to 2 years old. The app itself is free to download, and then you can choose to buy one section at a time or buy all of the content at once. Purchasing the Oliiki app content all at once is the best value for money.

Two members of the Mummykind team with kids at different ages (and a growing baby bump!) were given the opportunity to try out the Oliiki app. This is what they thought:

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I have been testing the pregnancy features of the app as my son is much older than the suggested age for the toddler activities. I did have had a peek through the app at the newborn and toddler pages as well!

Overall I really like the concept of the app. It provides you with daily activities to aid specific areas of development, explaining how/why it works and a link to the scientific study.

During pregnancy it is a little harder to interact with your baby. The Oliiki app encourages a lot of independent activities for expectant mothers. This is fine if you bought the whole content library at once, but I would feel short changed if I had paid for a single trimester at the same cost as 3 months of the more in-depth content for babies and toddlers.

The information in the app is incredibly interesting, the Oliiki team have done an amazing job compiling it all and condensing it down into bitesize chunks. If you love learning and finding out how things work this app is perfect for you. If you are more of a visual learner you might struggle with the lack of images/videos/graphics in the app.


My daughter is coming up on fifteen months old, so we’re testing out the toddler activities.

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So far we’ve enjoyed using the app as a family. The app offers one activity per day on the homepage. You can also access all activities by age or subject using the menus at the bottom of the screen. There are some activities for her age that I never would have thought to encourage her to do (such as walking in jelly – big clean up needed!), but my monkey has thoroughly enjoyed them. There are some recommended activities that we’ve been doing long before using Oliiki. I suppose that is more down to a child’s individual development, and at what stage you started using the app. At the end of completing the activity, a graph shows the relevance of the activity to the brain learning areas. This is really interesting, and you can see your child’s overall progress in the user profile area. Unfortunately, if you didn’t start using Oliiki until later in your child’s life, the progress won’t be 100%. You can go through and ‘complete’ all the activities for previous months, but it is tedious.

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One thing I will say is if you’re not a fan of reading, this may not be the app for you. I love to read, and I find the ‘Science and Research’ section fascinating. The ‘find out more’ section even links to larger articles for further reading. You’d still be able to use the app well if you’re not a fan of this kind of thing, but I feel it would be better suited to parents who want to understand the scientific reasoning behind the activities they are doing with their children.

The Mummykind reviewers have been really happy using the Oliiki App! Have you used the Oliiki app before? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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