A Reflection and Hopes for the Future

I’ve found myself reflecting on the last 2 years and thinking about my hopes for the future. As my daughter’s 2nd birthday approaches I think about things I could have done better. The times when my daughter made me so proud and times when I felt like giving up. In the 2 years Evie has been here, she has grown so much and made me the proudest I have ever been. Sure, she has her days but I wouldn’t change her for the world.

Things I wish I had done better:

  • I wish I had taken more pictures with her. I have thousands of pictures of Evie but very few with me and her. The ones I do have are unexpected selfies with her looking very bewildered.
  • I wish I had done more with her. We spent a lot of time at home or at grandparents houses, so going out and doing more things with her would have been lovely!
  • I wish I had more patience with her. I found myself getting frustrated if she wouldn’t feed, if she was misbehaving or just generally having a bad day. She was probably not even that bad but at times, it felt like a disaster if she wouldn’t do something.

Proud moments:

  • When Evie started crawling, I cried my eyes out. My little girl was gaining independence and growing up that little bit more. But I also cried because I was immensely proud of how much determination she had to get it done.
  • Knowing that, at 2 years old, she knows around 200 words. She can form some sentences and use them appropriately makes me feel so proud. She’s learning new words everyday and it’s always exciting to see what she will say next.
  • Watching her with her cousins , especially her baby cousin. She will ‘look after’ her and knows when she is sad and tries to help make her happy again. This usually involves screaming ‘MILK!’ at her auntie.
a reflectiopn and hopes for the future

Hopes for the future:

  • That Evie grows up to be independent and follows what she believes in, not what everybody else believes in.
  • To take more pictures and urge Daddy to take more as well!
  • Take Evie to experience more things. Only so much can be experienced at home and being outdoors is one of Evie’s favourite things to do.

I can’t wait to see what the next 2 years will bring and I cant believe I’m about to be a mother of a 2 year old.  I know that Evie will continue to make me as proud as she has done her whole life and I cant wait to see her learn and grow!

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  2. […] A Reflection and Hopes for the Future […]

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